EZ-MES Objects can be found and opened by opening a list-box containing the objects and clicking the row with your specific object. This will open the object in a Popup Form / Dialog.

If the number of objects in the list-box is large, it can be filtered down by activating one of the filters for one of the columns. Filtering can be a fast way to find any object, due to the Intellisense of the input fields.

Opening EZ-MES Objects using F9

However, if you know the ID of your object, you can just press the F9 key. This will open the following dialog:

Press F12 when you are looking for Parts or Objects

To open Parts, Travelers or other objects within EazyWorks applications take the following steps:

  1. Press F9
  2. Enter the ID by either:
    1. Typing into the input field
    2. Using the Barcode Scanner (The Firmware of the scanner will take care the text is 'typed' into the entry field followed by pressing enter)
  3. Press OK or hit enter

If it was a valid ID the dialog for the specified object will open. If not the dialog will show that the element could not be found:

Press F12 when you are looking for Parts or Objects

Pressing F9 again will show the previous filled out data in the dialog. The entry is selected, so just start typing for a new entry, or edit the old entry.


EZMes Search Syntax



Data inbetween .. is for special featuers

jobconvert is currently the only option working and it will convert the job based on the results of the tage you pass in, in this example it gets the PR's FR.

Opening Objects using F9 Shortcuts

All objects can be opened by entering the full job number. If you don’t have access rights to open the object, you will be notified with: You Do Not Have Access to this Object. A number of shortcuts exist to find specific objects, as discussed below. All shortcut codes are case insensitive.

Opening Travelers with F9 Shortcuts

Entering 'FR0808-001606' will open the specified traveler. In case a barcode or barcode scanner is not available, type in one of the following strings to open the same traveler:

  • FR0808-001606
  • fr0808-001606 (Case insensitive)
  • fr08-001606 (month digits can be left out, now it is a normal job search)
  • fr08 001606 (hyphen is not needed)
  • fr08 1606 (leading zeros can be ignored as well)
  • trav 1606 (for more object that can be opened this way, see below

Parts, Work Orders and Configuration Objects

With the correct prefix (case insensitive) followe d by the defining string separated by a space will enable you to open the following objects with F9:

  • ‘[UID]’: Opens Part with specified UID
  • sn [UID]’: Opens Part with specified UID same as [UID].
  • trav [Number]’: Will assume the traveler is for the current year, no leading zeros required.
  • flow [Flow Number]’: Opens the Flow Definition for ‘Flow Number’
  • step [Operation Number]’: Opens the Step Definition
  • part [Part Definition Number]’: Opens the Part Definition
  • doc [Doc Number]’: Opens the specified Document
  • wo [Work Order Number]’: Opens the specified Document
  • lot [Lot Number]’: Opens the specified Document
  • org [Organization Name or Organization Code] : Opens the specified Organization

For the configuration objects, Step Definition, Flow Definition, Part Definition, and Documents (which can have multiple revisions) only the objects that are either in ‘Pending’ or ‘Active’ will open. If there are multiple object that fulfill the search query, multiple objects will be opened.