You can verify that the User has selected the correct option in a Pulldown Name-Value.  If the User has selected an incorrect option it would prevent the step from being signed off.

Configuration of the Pulldown

The first step is to configure the Pulldown NV.  Configure it such that it contains all the possible entries you want to operator to select from.  You can see from the screenshot below that I configured three possible 'Wrong Entries' and only one 'Correct Entry'.


  • Pulldown Display:  'Wrong Entry 1'
  • Pulldown Value:  'Wrong Entry 1'



Addition Calc NV Configuration

An additional Calc NV will need to be configured.  This Calc NV will require that the Pulldown Value is Equal to 'Correct Entry' in order for the Step to be signed off.  We will take an additional step to configure the Calc NV so that it is hidden from the user.

Calc NV Configuration [General Tab]

To configure the Calc NV, follow the steps below.

  1. Check the 'Required to Sign Off Step'.  This will ensure that the NV has a value (wrong or right), before a sign off can be attempted.
  2. Enter the 'String Formula'.  This will be the value provided by the Pulldown NV via variable name.
  3. Select 'Text' for the 'Display Type'.
  4. Toggle the button to 'Variable NV'.  This will allow you to pulldown from a list of Name-Values (NV's).
  5. Select the Pulldown NV you wish to obtain the value from.
  6. Assign a Variable Name.  Numbers are not allowed in variable name and it should be in all UPPERCASE.
  7. Click the 'Add NV' button to add the variable to the Variables Listbox.
  8. Provide the value that the String Formula [PD]  should be Equal to. 




Hide NV [Advanced Tab]

Since this NV is not an entry, you can optionally Hide the NV from being displayed to the User/Operator.  The NV's will still perform its calculation without being visible to the User/Operator.




Testing our Configuration

In our test we will not Hide the Calc NV.  This will allow us to see how it is evaluating.  We will first test if our configuration was successful by selecting a bad value from our Pulldown NV within a Traveler.  

Testing Wrong Entry

We will first select an value from the Pulldown NV that will not allow for Sign Off.  The value chosen is 'Wrong Entry 2'.  

Data Entry



Step Sign Off

When the Step Is signed off you should see that the Calc NV is not Equal to 'Correct Entry' so it fails and does not allow sign off.






Testing Correct Entry

In this case we will now select a passing value, 'Correct Entry'.  

Data Entry



Step Sign Off

When the Step Is signed off you should see that the Calc NV is Equal to 'Correct Entry' so it will not give a warning and allow sign off.