The Name Value BOM Consumption Type is different from the NV Consumption Type because it consumes BOM parts that are listed on a Part Definition.  A NV Consumption Type will consume parts listed on the particular Step Definition.

To configure a NV BOM Consumption Type, it begins at the Part Definition level where you define the items to be consumed on the BOM Tab and add the BOM to the Part Definition.


After you have completed the BOM section of your Part Definition you can add your 'BOM Consumption' NV in your Step Definition NVs.

From the Step Definition's NV Tab, click on the BOM Consumption that we just added to to bring up the additional parameters requiring configuration. Select the Part Definition Filter that you wish to use.  In our example, we will use P/N: 20-00349-01 which has the following BOM:

  1. Structure Wiring Harness 20-00436-01 Rev: A Qty: 1
  2. Yoke Wiring Harness 20-00437-01 Rev: A Qty: 1
  3. Pos X Pivot Assy 20-00424-02 Rev: A Qty: 2
  4. Neg X Pivot Assy 20-00425-02 Rev: A Qty: 2


The operator performing the step with the 'BOM Consumption' will be required to select all the parts. They will have to click the 'plus' icon to open the 'BOM Consume' form from the Traveler, an intermediate form to link to the Parts Grabber Dialog.  This 'BOM Consume' assists in gathering information on overall quantities consumed and if any parts are still outstanding for the BOM.  After the operator selects all the parts then the step's BOM list is fulfilled and the step can be completed.