The Name Value Pairs Form is a method used to have the user complete a custom Form and record data with the User Name, Date and Time Stamp in the Form NV line entry of the main Traveler  You can add this NV to a step to clearly seperate different data entry sections or better represent your own specific Forms used in your process and not be constrained to just the main Traveler layout.

A Form can have the following Name Value Types configured for it's entries:

  1. NV Text - Text Name Value entry that accepts characters and numerals
  2. NV Number - Number Name Value entry that only accepts numerals
  3. NV Check Box - Check Box NV entry
  4. NV Date - Date Name Value opens a calender to record a date
  5. NV Date Time - Date-Time Name Value opens a calender to record a date and the current time (Default) or custom time entry
  6. NV Part Definition - Part Definition Name Value allows the user to select a Part Definition configured in the system

The following illustration is an example of how the Form NV can be configured and how to save or clear the data entries on the form:


The Form NV window is the same as the NV configuration window except for the fact that the number of NV Types available is lower.


The Form for the Form NV entry on the Step is now completed. The Traveler view of the Form NV is illustrated below:


The Form window opens and can now be used to enter data.


FormSave48x48  Click the Save Form button to save the data entered into the current Form

FormUndo48x48  Click the Undo Form button to reset the data entries on the current Form

Close the Form and the user name, date and completion time for the Form is recorded in the Traveler's Form NV entry as illustrated below: