It is possible to adjust the Label and Input sections of an NV Entry.  The example below shows how some adjusting may be required for the operator to properly reaad the NV Label as well as enter data into the Input Field.



Adjustment for all NV Entries on Step

This method will adjust the Label and/or Input width of all NV's on the Step.  You must first open the Step Definition that you wish to adjust.  Move this Step Definition to the Pending State for editing.

Now that the Step Definition is open and ready for edits, you can now choose the Advanced Tab.  In the Advanced Tab you will find a section called 'Name-Value Options'.  This section will all you to adjust the width of all NV's that appear on this Step.

  • Input Section Width - The entry input field that the operator fills in.
  • Label Section Width - The Name-Value Name Label.



Adjustment for Single NV Entry


In order to adjust any particular Name-Value Entry you must open up the Name-Value of interest.  You can find this Name-Value on the Step Definition.



Now when the operator is working on the Traveler, they will see the Label and Input fields as the screenshot demonstrates below.