Create Data Entries that are only displayed by selecting a Part Definition Filter on the Name-Value Configuration.  This option is located on the Name-Value configuration page.

Name-Value Part Definition Filter Configuration

Configuration of the Name Value Part Definition filter can be completed as outlined.  The screenshot should help as well.

  • Create or Edit your Name Value
  • With the Name Value Form open, select the Part Definition for the Filter.
  • Dont forget to move all items back to the Active Status.

NVPD Filter-03

Execution Example

You can see by the example below, our Requested Part Type Widget is currently displaying all three different Name-Value Inputs.  Text Input, Number Input, and Pulldown Input are all available for this Part Type.

NVPD Filter-01


Using the same Step as above, you will see that when we use the Requested Part Ball, it is now not displaying the Pulldown Input to the operator.  This is because it is configured to only be displayed for the Part Type Widget.

NVPD Filter-02