Advanced Tab

The Advanced Tab for the NV object allows configuration of the following:

Advanced Features

  • Default Value- This value will be initially displayed and recorded on the Traveler.  It can be overwritten by the operator.  Subsequent parts will continue to be initiated with the default value.
  • Row Height - Define row height (Default 16px), any adjustment should be done in multiples of 16.
  • Multi Line Input - Checkbox to permit multi line input.  Typically used when Row Height is greater than 16
  • Disable Links - Checkbox to disable links for the NV
  • Read Only - Checkbox to make the NV Read Only.  
  • Hide NV - Checkbox to hide the NV from appearing in the Traveler.  This is commonly used on special Auto Generated NV's, or Calc NV's in which the user does not need to see the value.
  • Error Message - Error messages linked to the NV


Category Selection

  • Category - Select or create new Category for the NV.  Makes categorizing Name-Values easy.


Parent NV

  • Parent NV - Select the Parent NV
  • Parent NV Display - Enter Parent NV Display


Group Name

  • NV Group - Create a Radio List.  Configuration requires a NV Type Form, to contain Checkbox NV's which all have the save value in the Group Name.  This draws the Radio List.'


Custom Attribute Names

These values can be used when recalling values within your own custom items such as listboxes, custom tabs, and SOAP API Calls.

  • NV Name Normalized:  Not typically used.
  • Part Custom Attribute Name:  Retrieves the entered value of the Name-Value Record.
  • Part Custom Attribute Name Date: Date that the value was entered.
  • Part Custom Attribute Name User:  User that entered the value.
  • Part Custom Attribute Name Job:  The internal Job number of the record created for each Name Value Entry.