The following figure shows an overview of the Filter Dialog that pops up when the ‘Open Filter’ Icon is clicked. This icon shows up for each column in each List-Box for the EazyWorks applications. It consists of 3 Parts:

  • The top of the dialog contains the main control buttons.
  • The second line is used to define new Filter conditions.
  • And the lines underneath that are showing the already defined conditions.


Top Line Buttons

The top line has the main control buttons: (after pressing SET, CLEAR, or CANCEL, the dialog will be closed)

  • SET: Will set the current defined conditions as a filter for the column.
  • CLEAR: Will clear the filter (if a filter was defined).
  • CANCEL: Will just close the Dialog.
  • HELP: Opens a web page with help instructions.

Definition Line for a Filter Condition

The Definition Line for a Filter Condition contains the following options:

  • Filter Operation: From the pull down different options can be selected (more below).
  • Filter String: Will open a pull down with all the options for this column, the options are actively filtered dependent on the input of the user.
  • AND - OR Operation: Toggle to set the condition as an AND or as an OR condition.
  • Add Button: Will add the current defined line as a new condition for this filter.

Filter Operation

By clicking the Operation button on the definition line, one of the following operations can be chosen:

  • Contains(≈): Will apply if the column items contain this string, can be a part of a word, at any location in the column items.
  • Does Not Contain (≈ with strike through): Same as contains, but now the items that fulfill this condition are excluded from the filtered set.
  • Equals (=): The whole string shown in the column should match.
  • Not Equal (≠, !=): Will exclude the items with an exact match, is a great option to filter out empty values.
  • Smaller (<): For strings the strings will be compared by alphabet. This operation works as well for numbers and dates.
  • Smaller or Equal (≤): Same as the smaller option but now includes the value.
  • Larger (>): Alphabetic ordering for strings, so zebra is larger than elephant.
  • Larger or Equal (≥): Will include the defined value.
  • Regex: Will filter results based on provided Regex Expression.
  • Not Regex: Will not display results based on the provided Regex Expression.
  • In: Comma seperated values.  Acts as a single line OR statement.  Will display results matching the provided value(s).
  • Not In: Comma seperated values.  Acts like as a single line OR statement.  Will not display results matching the provided value(s)
  • Between:  Numerical based filter.  Will display numerical values between the two comma seperated values.

* All operations are case insensitive, and Intellisense search can be applied.

Set Filter Conditions

Below the Definition Line the filter conditions are shown. In this case after setting this filter for this column, the listbox will only show items with Flow Definitions that contain the string ‘Inv’ or the string ‘Gen’.

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