The following figure shows step by step how you can add a calculated value to a Traveler by adding a 'Name Value' of the 'Calc' Value Type to a Step Definition.

Step by Step sequence on how to define calculated fields for travelers

Take to following steps (numbering matches the figure above):

  1. Activate the 'Name-Value Pairs' tab on the Step Definition Form
  2. Select the 'Calc' Value Type from the pull down. Fill out the Name and the other general attributes for this Name Value entry.
  3. Select the value you would like to use in the calculation. All values that are stored on Part Records can be selected from this listbox. Make sure the value exists before the calculation is executed on the traveler.

    Remember that all the pull downs are equiped with Intellisense so if you know a part of the name you would like to add, just start typing and the options will filter automatically.

  4. Add a short name for the Variable. Note: square brackets are added to your name. E.g. 'A' changes to '[A]'. In the formula the square brackets have to be used. The names for the variables are case insensitive so both 'a' and 'A' cannot be used to define two different variables. (Learn more about the Syntax for formulas...)
  5. For each variable you want to add click the 'Plus' sign. In case you added a variable by accident, or want to delete a variable in the variable list, enter the name in the 'Variable Name' field and press the 'plus' sign again. The variable will be deleted from the list.

    Repeat Step 3-5 untill you have all the variables you would like to use for the calculation.

  6. Compose the formula for the calculation. Remember to use square brackets for each variable. The formula can use different functions, and even conditional statements.
  7. After your formula is done, you can add the calculated NV to the Step Definition by clicking the Plus Sign. After hitting the 'plus' sign, the new NV will be added to the 'Name-Value Pairs' listbox (At the bottom of this Name-value Pair Tab. The sequence number in the listbox can be used to change the order in which the values will appear on the Traveler.

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