Icon to show Record Object for File Attachements

Records are EZ-MES objects that can contain one or more uploaded files. The Record Objects can be connected to one or more Travelers and or Part Records. The difference between Documents and Records is that Documents are revision controlled.

Data Structure for Record Objects

The following Structure shows how a Record is connected to 2 Part Records and 1 Traveler.


Create New Record Object

Record Objects can be created in 3 different ways:

  • On the Show All Records Listbox

    By pressing the New Document Icon on the Document Listbox. Note that the Document will not yet be linked to other EZ-MES objects (e.g. Step Definitions, Flow Definitions etc.)

  • During Linking

    During the process to link Documents you can select '-- New Document --' on the Document tab of the different EZ-MES configuration objects. This way the Document and the Link will be created at the same time.

  • Name Value Pair

    On the Step Definition File Attachment Data Entries can be configured. When the  Traveler moved through the Step Definition with the File Attachement Data Entry, the Traveler will give the user the option to create a new Record and attach files.

When you created the Record Object you will be able to upload one or more files to the Record. Step by Step description on how to attach / upload files.

Record Listbox

The Record Listbox can be found on the Work Order Desktop