Operations in EZ-MES are defined by Step Definitions. The following figure shows how the Flow Definition is split into a number of operations: Flow Definition to receive Ham Bombos

Note the following:

  • For this 'Receive Ham Combos' Flow Definition two Step Definitions are used (Receive Combos and, Weigh and Serialize).
  • At the moment the last Step (Weigh and Serialize) is finished the Combos will automatically move to RMI (Raw Material Inventory).
  • The Step Definitions are linked to the Flow Definition. This makes it possible to reuse Step Definitions in different Flow Definition.

Step Definitions

Icon to show Step Definitions / Operation Definitions

The operations are configured using Step Definitions. Step Definitions can be reused in other Flow Definitions. Most of data collection, part conversions, material consumptions are defined on the Step Definition.

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How to set this up?

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