The following configuration will demonstrate how you can set up Equipment PM's for a given time duration.  i.e. 30 days, 90 days, 365 days, etc.

To configure, we will first initiate the equipment on a scheduled PM event.  It will then cycle itself over after the PM is actually  completed.  The resulting action will be to place the equipment unit in a maintenance flow and notify a group or user that the equipment is down and PM is required.

Once the equipment unit is in the maintenance flow, the necessary steps will be performed.  These steps can be any number of items dependant on the equipment.  It can range from a simple recalibration, to a more thorough tune-up.  While the equipment is in this flow, it is also in a 'Scheduled Down-Time' status.  This means that it cannot be selected or used by parts requiring it. 

The final step in this maintenance flow will be to re-initiate the Event Record that monitors the time elapsed since its last PM was completed.  This will then set the equipment back to 'Standy Mode'.  Lets begin.

  • Create Equipment Definition - Create a Equipment Definition that we will be using for the example, however, you can use an existing Equipment Definition. Be sure to create an equipment instance.  Without the actual equipment instance, there will not be any equipment to perform maintenance on.

Name (Tool Type): EZ Oven

Create a 'Spec Definition' - A Spec Definition will need to be created.  This spec definition will contain a value that contains the number of days the equipment can perform before maintenance is required.

Enter the following information on your new 'Spec Definition':

Spec Name = EQ PM Monthly [days]

Spec Value = 30

* you can create a new Spec Definition for as many different PM's a piece of Equipment will need.  It is possible that a Monthy PM and a Yearly PM is required.


  • Create Step Definitions - We will create Step Definitions for two flows (PM Event Initiation and the actual PM Flow).  For our example we will keep everything simplified.  Note that we will use the Initiate step in both Flows.

Step Definition(s): PM Event Initiation

Step Name: Initiate 30day EQ PM


Step Definition(s): Preventative Maintenance Flow

Step Name: EQ PM - 30 day

*any other Step Definitions needed for the actual PM Flow should also be created.  My demo Flow Definition only contains a single step.


Initiate 30day EQ PM

Name: Initiate 30day EQ PM

Flow Definition Type: Use Equipment

Part State When Active: Scheduled-Down

Part State When Done: Standby

Add Step Definitions to the Flow Definitions - You must now add your Step Definitions onto the Flow Definitions.  Add them as follows.

Step Sequence

Step Name
10 Initiate 30day EQ PM

Eq PM 30 Day

Name: EQ PM 30 Day

Flow Definition Type: Use Equipment

Part State When Active: Scheduled-Down

Part State When Done: Standby

* 'Standy' will put the Equipment back online for production when the Maintenance flow is completed.

Add Step Definitions to the Flow Definitions - You must now add your Step Definitions onto the Flow Definitions.  Note that you will need to reapply the 'Initiate 30day EQ PM' step so that the Event Record will be created as the final step of the EQ PM.  




Step Sequence

Step Name
10 EQ PM - 30 day
20 Initiate 30day EQ PM


Maintenance Required Document

Title: Email - EQ PM 30Day Required

Subject: 30Day EQ PM Required: <%PARTNO%> - <%PARTNM%> - Serial: <%UID%>

Email Body (Uploaded HTML File):


Variables To Be Defined (Pre-Defined PD):


Variable Name
-- Current Part Name -- PARTNM
-- Current Part Number-- PARTNO
-- Current Part UID-- UID



  • Create a new 'Action' - You can now create your Actions.  They will be used as an Equipment Maintenance Required Notification Email, and another action that repositions the particular piece of equipment on the Maintenance Flow..


Email Action - Equipment Maintenance Required, taken offline

Action Name: EQ PM Email - 30 day

Action Type: Email

Email Template: Email - EQ PM 30Day

To: Enter email addresses you wish to have the notification sent to.

Reposition Action - Equipment repositioned to Maintenance flow, taken offline

Action Name: Move EQ to 30 day PM Flow

Action Type: Reposition 

Flow Definition to Change: EQ PM 30 Day

Step In Flow Definition: EQ PM - 30 day

  • Create a new 'Trigger' - There is only one Trigger needed.  It will fire if the Equipment that has exceeded the amount of days specified in the Equipment Definition Spec (30 days in this case).  The result is firing two actions, 'EQ PM Email - 30 day' and 'Move EQ to 30 day PM Flow'..

Monitor 30day EQ PM

Trigger Name: Monitor 30day  EQ PM

Done String Formula: In order to test out the formula, we will need to reduce the syntax to check after 5 minutes rather than waiting for 30 days.  The difference in Trigger syntax is display in the image below.


Add the following Variables:

Variable SP

Variable Name
EQ PM Monthly [days] PMDAYS



Variable Name
-- Current Date -- CURDATE
-- Event Created Date -- EVCREATE






  • Create a new 'Event Definition' : You will now create an Event Definition.  This is where you can attach your Triggers and Actions.  Setup your Event Definition as follows.


30Day EQ PM

General Tab

Event Name: 30 Day EQ PM

Trigger Tab

Add Trigger: Monitor 30day  EQ PM

Action Tab

Add Action: EQ PM Email - 30 day

Action Group: Done

Add Action: Move EQ to 30 day PM Flow

Action Group: Done


Once the Event is added, the Trigger will began evaluating after the EQ has passed through the Step.  If the Trigger comes up true it will fire, otherwise it will not fire.  


Select the following item on the 'Event Records' tab:

Event that monitors Equipment Run Count

Step Definition: Initiate 5min EQ PM

Add Event:  30 day EQ PM



All Equipment that is to have scheduled PM's, should first be ran through the 'Initiate Flow'  This Flow should also contain the Event Definition that contains the necessary Trigger (dependent on the elapsed time you want between PM's).