The following configuration will demonstrate how to execute an Equipment Run Flow inside your process flow that accommodates multiple travelers through a single equipment use.


This example requires more than one traveler for the main process flow to be active at the stage just before the Equipment Run Flow is executed i.e. just before the Equipment Play icon that Opens the Linked Equipment Traveler to process the job.

Processing Multiple Travelers using Linked Equipment Run Flow

To process more than one traveler using the Linked Equipment Run Traveler one must first start the equipment selection procedure for the initial traveler being worked on. Once the equipment has been chosen then one can click the Add Parts icon on the traveler to view all other available parts from other travelers ready for this particular equipment process step.

 Note: The Equipment Play icon must be clicked prior to the selection of other available parts from different travelers for this procedure to work

Click the Add Parts icon and select the parts that require the Equipment Run Flow

Add the additional parts to the Equipment Run Flow as illustrated below.

Once the parts are added then we see a total of 10 parts in the Equipment Run Flow. Complete the Equipment Run Flow  to process all 10 parts and return them back to their original travelers.

Reviewing the two travelers we see all parts have been processed by the equipment and are ready to be processed by their two respective travelers.