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Flow Definition


A Flow Definition is the EZ-MES Object that represents a 'design / model' for a manfacturing process. A manfacturing process is a sequence of operations that are 'modelled' by Step Definition Objects.

AKA: Flow Definitions are also known as:

  • Flows
  • Travelers
  • Routings
  • Traveler Definition

For different applications, and within different companies / Industries, different nomenclature is used. EZ-MES can be configured to show the nomenclature that is used in your specific industry.

NOTE: The Flow Definition is a configuration object and serves as a template for Flow Records. In EZ-MES Configuration objects represented by blue icons, and displayed in blue Forms, while records based on these objects (like the Flow Record) are represented by green icons and shown in green Forms.

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Flow Definition Object States

The Flow Definition Object State Attribute can have the following values:

  • Pending

    FD48x48PendingAny new Flow Definition, when it is created, will start of in the Pending state. As long as it is in the Pending state the Flow Definition cannot be used to create a new Traveler.

  • Active

    FD48x48ApprovedAfter all required information is filled out on the Flow Definition Form / DialogStep Definitions or Flow Definitions are added, and the combination of the Flow Number and Revision are unique, the Flow Definition can be moved to Active.

  • Closed

    FD48x48DeletedWhen a Flow Defintion is not used anymore to create any new Travelers it can be moved to the closed state by pressing the 'Next' button on the Flow Definition Form / Dialog.

  • Deleted

    Flow Definitions in the Pending state can be deleted. Only the System Admin will be able to Undelete the Flow Definition.

Part States

The Flow Definition determines the State of the Part Records that are connected to the Travelers that are based on that specific Flow Definition. The state during the flow and the state when the flow is finished can be defined on the Flow Definition Form.

How to define Part States on the Flow Definition

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