Why MES?

MES is the missing link between Process Control System (PCS) and corporate systems such as Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Unfortunately ERP does not have a sufficient level of detail to finish off what PCS begins. In todays businesses manufacturing faces three main issues:

  • Capacity – Can we make the parts needed?
  • Quality – Can we meet all quality requirements?
  • Delivery – Can we manufacture the product to the customer’s requirements?

The three main manufacturing issues of capacity, quality, and delivery are all addressed by the core capabilities of the EZ-MES system:

  • Clarity of Vision – Get accurate up to date information to the decision makers, when they need it
  • Tracking – Understand, and convey information to correctly make the product while collecting information about how the product was manufactured
  • Control – Ensure the product is made correctly, efficiently and on schedule

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