20/20 Vision for your Manufacturing

This document demonstrates the value of instantaneous real-time, accurate data that reflects live production work as it happens, quality check enforcement, planned timetables, machine maintenance/use, inventory levels, RMAs, shipping and more.

A powerful granular MES system provides manufacturers with a transparent view of their manufacturing processes as the shop floor workforce themselves are providing all the details to monitor and track the data.

Information that is fully integrated into the manufacturing processes allows for increased productivity, overall throughput and customer confidence in your manufacturing ability.

It also results in reduced waste/scrap, reduced work in progress, reduced delivery charges as your product is on schedule and requires no expedited delivery service.

The Importance of the Manufacturing Shop Floor

Businesses today achieve crucial competitive advantage by implementing our powerful EZ-MES Shop Floor Control System (Manufacturing Execution System). There are numerous software products out there that claim to support manufacturing processes but EazyWorks specializes in MES software and is tailored for use on the shop floor to provide invaluable support to the manufacturing department.

Every aspect of the manufacturing process is supported by EZ-MES:

  • Production management
  • Process flow instructions
  • Biometrics
  • Process scheduling
  • ISO or FDA compliance

Real time control of:

  • Inventory
  • Equipment/Tool tracking
  • Production tracking
  • Traceability
  • Part Genealogy
  • Returned Material Authorization (RMA)
  • PLC machine integration

“Snapshots of the shop floor production work is a potent weapon to increase overall visibility and identify bottlenecks or weaknesses”

Standard Requirements for EZ-MES Implementation

  • Real time information illustrating the latest information from manufacturing process flows
  • Online access for browser based operation
  • Barcode labeling
  • Integration with machine PLCs and other peripheral equipment e.g. biometrics, ovens etc.
  • Internal or cloud based server support

The Difference is in the Detail

Part List

Shop floor reporting must be vigorously enforced to track a list of parts, including all part data, part description, vendor ID and revision number. In addition the part list links to numerous areas of the MES system such as important part dates, customer or internal part numbers, advanced product quality planning checklist, inventory levels, custom re-order points, shipment history, legacy lead times information etc. The EZ-MES part list can be up-loaded with documentation and images for every individual item.

Process Flow/Routing

A process flow is the series of steps required to manufacture/process any given part. EZ-MES defines the individual steps and includes details such as:

  • Operation number
  • Operation name
  • Time stamps both in and out of the step
  • Equipment used during the step
  • Specification limit checks
  • Filters for approved work stations and approved staff members
  • Any custom key process flow/routing data

Bill of Materials

Every manufacturing process uses a unique bill of materials (BOM) which defines all the components that comprise a part. EZ-MES provides a very intuitive BOM function that provides indented, exploded and drill-down BOM lists for ease of navigation and editing.

Multi-Part Production

EZ-MES can identify and control manufacturing process flows where multiple parts are generated from a single operation. This ability is crucial for operations from semiconductor FAB plants, dicers, injection molders, stampers, die forgers and many other manufacturing processes.

Integration with Peripheral Equipment (e.g. CAD systems, biometrics)

Numerous manufacturers benefit from our SOAP API feature whereby we can extract data from peripheral equipment or other software packages to automatically enter and check the required data against product specifications.

Production Tracking

Production tracking requires traceability of machine production, incorporating both granular and summarized reports. The production data is much more valuable when fully integrated into EZ-MES to see inventory, unit reworks, machine tracking and scheduling.

Control Panel

The EZ-MES control panel offers a fully customizable, simple to use and powerful user interface for shop floor staff to track and control manufacturing, exceptions, equipment status, staff who worked on items, labor hours, inventory, RMAs and much more. In addition, the control panel can be custom configured for use by authorized employees e.g. supervisors can be granted more controls/abilities than the operators on the assembly lines or operators can be denied access to process certain steps if official training/certification has not been completed.

Workstation/Equipment Tracking

EZ-MES produces work station logs to illustrate the complete detailed history of all events occurring at a machine that can include:

  • Production information, parts worked on
  • Staff who operated the machine
  • Maintenance
  • Downtime

EZ-MES can provide reports on uptime, availability and machine efficiency. Great benefits become tangible once EZ-MES integrates this function into production tracking, labor, inventory, equipment/tool life and control plans.

Job/Traveler Tracking System

EZ-MES tracks all jobs/travelers and work orders across your businesses manufacturing facilities whether they are individual or multiple business locations (Note: So long as they are all hosted on the same server). Customers often have their own unique definitions but generally a job/traveler is an instruction passed to the shop floor to produce a specific unit/s by a specific due date. EZ-MES manages all job/travelers and is the core for all production scheduling.

Job/Traveler Tracker

Job/Traveler tracking provides an easy to use and powerful tool for shop floor staff to track activities, record production against jobs/travelers as they are being processed in real time, retrieve instructions or attach additional instructions as required.

Setup Tracking

Job/Traveler tracking gives the user a place to record work station set up times and any issues that can include detailed information on the reasons for delays. This tracking function can help manage and analyze work station set up times to help improve efficiency and maintain setup consistency.

“The EZ-MES system improves management of materials, product quality, scheduling, equipment tracking, production, customer confidence and so much more”

Information with 20/20 Vision

EZ-MES not only covers engineering and production tracking but it also provides manufacturing visibility and management of materials, product quality, equipment tracking, scheduling and inventory management to effectively track lots/batches or just individual parts as they traverse the shop floors multiple processes.

For example, manufacturing traceability and accuracy is paramount in high liability manufacturing such as in the food and beverage industry. EZ-MES has robust advanced features that automatically track the complete genealogy of all inventory batches/lots to provide both a forward and backward trail in even the most complex process and manufacturing environments. EZ-MES is ideal for product traceability and isolating all products created from a contaminated lot/batch and narrowing down the data so that one knows exactly who, what, where and when a contaminated product was produced.

Advanced Technologies

Advanced technologies find their way into shop floor control systems, we support all peripheral equipment utilized in the manufacturing environment such as:

  • Bar code scanning for inventory, shipping or manufacturing processes
  • Integrated bar code printing for labeling inventory or products
  • Wireless networking
  • Automated notification capabilities
  • Biometrics for authorized user control

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