If you need some help with configuration or have questions about the system, we offer a remote assistance system that allows us to log and and interact with your desktop session and assist you with EZ-MES in a couple clicks

1. Open your User Form


2. Start a remote help session request by clicking the support button  LogMeInRescue48x48


3. Next you will need to click on the remote suport link. It is suggested that you hold down the CTRL key on your keyboard to avoid pop up blockers you might have installed.


4. Now you will be prompted to run a Applet that will connect you to a support technician


5. You will now see the support applet and it will notify you when the support technician is ready to help you and allow you to chat with the remote support as well.

RemoteHelp06   RemoteHelp07

6. Once connected to the support technician, the suport technician will start a remote control session so they can see what you see. You will be prompted to accept this connection when the support technician requests it.


7. At this point the Remote Support Technician will be able to help you with your Problems or questions. You can end the entire session or just the Remote Control session at any time. You can also chat with support during the session as needed.


8. Once the Session has been ended you can close the Applet and you are done.


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