EZ-MES comes with a built in chat feature, which can be used by all users that are logged into the application.

The Chat icon at the upper left corner can be used to open a list of all Users Online. A chat session can be started with each of these users by just clicking on their name. The following figure shows how to navigate the different chat windows.



How to disable Chat Window

In case you do not want the chat feature to be available for all users or only for a group of users, you can disable/enable the chat via the user group settings as following:

disable chat A

First, in the User Management Windows, click on the Tab User Groups. Next click on the User Group for which you want to disable or enable the Chat Window.

Next you will see the settings for this User Group including the setting 'Disable EZ-Chat'.

disable chat B

Before you can change this setting, first move this User Group to the previous state. Next check or un-check the checkbox to Disable EZ Chat. And finally move back this User Group to the next step. Please note that a user can be member of multiple User Groups.

The next time a user logs in, this setting will be activated.


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