If you have a single Part that you would like to process and split into many different parts you can achieve this by using a Split NV.  Our example below demonstrates a single Part being split into 4 Quadrants which are actually different Part Definitions.  Keep in mind that you are not restricted to using only 4 Quadrants.  You can split the single Part into as many different Part Definitions that are needed.



Part Definition which contains all quadrants.  

This PD should contain the following configuration from the advanced tab.

  • Qty. Unit of Measurement: Quadrant
  • Part Record Unit of Measurement: Wafer
  • Discrete: False
  • Receive By: Wafer


Part Definitions for Quadrants

There should be four different Part Definitions for each Quadrant you plan on splitting to.  These Part Definitions should be 'Discrete' as well.



Flow Definition(s) to process the Quadrants post Split

The last pre-requisite should be that you already have a Flow Definition that handles your Quadrant Parts once they are split from the Main Traveler.  This Flow Definition should do whatever processe(s) you need done to the Quandrant Part.  The Flow Definitions you create for the Quadrant Parts can be different from one another. 



Creating The Main Flow

It is now time to create the Main Flow that handles the Part prior to the Quadrant Split.  Our example with be a single Step Process that takes a Wafer and Splits it into four different Part Definitions, maybe during a dicing operation.  The Step Definition will also contain a Split Type Name-Value which specifies the Part it will Split into and which Flow Definition to use after the Split.  

Flow Definition Configuration


Step Definition Configuration

The Step Definition should contain a Split Name-Value for each intended Part Definition to Split to, in this case, there are four.



Step Name-Value Configuration

The Split NV should be configured with the following:

  • 'Flow Definition to Change To' - Choose your Flow
  • 'Part to Change to' - Choose the Part to Change to
  • 'Required to Sign Off Step' - True



Execution of Traveler 'Dice Wafer into 4 Parts'

During the execution of the Traveler, the Operator will now be asked to split the Part into each of the Quadrants.  After the Split you will see that the Part is sent to its own Traveler that is configured to handle that particular Part.  If you are Processing multiple Wafers in the Main Traveler, each Part split off will go to the same Traveler instance.