These pages will show a step by step configuration example to learn how to use the EZ-MES Events.

Example Case

For this example we will implement a Preventive Maintenance Event Definition for an Equipment Definition. This event will be triggered when 1 week has elapsed from the moment the last Preventive Maintenance was initiated.

When the Event Record is triggered the state of the Equipment Record will change to Scheduled Down. In this state the Equipment cannot be used to execute normal operations.

A warning e-mail is sent out 24 hours in advance to notify equipment operators to perform the preventive maintenance.


  1. Create Event Action to change equipment state
  2. Create Event Action to send out warning Email
  3. Create new Trigger to fire for both actions
  4. Create new Event Definition
  5. Attach Event Definition to the Equipment Definition


  1. Create Event Record
  2. Cancel Event
  3. List all scheduled events

Create Event Action to change Equipment State


Create Event Action to send out E-Mail

To create an Event Action that sends out an E-Mail you have to take the following steps:

  1. Create a new E-Mail Template.
    • Define a variable called: EquipmentID by linking the
    • Define the subject line
  2. Create a new Event Action