To assign a default Flow Definition to change the State of an Equipment Instance you will need to open the Equipment Definition.  The setting is located on the 'Advanced Tab' under 'Define Default Flow Definitions for State Changes'.

Important Note

 This same type of configuration can also be performed on a Part Definition.  You can design Default Flow Definitions to handle moving BOTH Parts and Equipment to Scrapped, Hold, Shipped,  Unscheduled-Down, etc.



Sample Unscheduled-Down EQ Flow

Before you can select a Flow Definition from the pulldown you must first have a valid Flow Definition.  Below you will see a screenshot of a sample Flow Definition that will be used to change the state of an Equipment Instance to 'Unscheduled Down'  This Flow Definition can have any number of Steps Required for your particular needs.



Completing configuration

Once you have the EQ Flow completed that will handle your State change, you can then complete the configuration of the EQ Definition.

  1. State: Select the State you wish to place the Equipment in.
  2. Flow Definition: Select the Flow Definition to place the Equipment on.
  3. Click to Add Icon

Thats it, the configuration is complete.



Usage of Default Flow Definitions for State Changes

One efficient method to initiate your configuration is to open the Equipment Recorded needing a State Change.  You can simply do this by usigng the F9 key that initiates the Barcode Scan Dialog.  Manually key in the Equipment UID or Barcode Scan it if it is available.



This will now open the Equipment Record form.  From here you simply select the State and then initiate the Traveler.



After initiating the Traveler, the Equipment will begin the configured Flow.  The State of the Equipment will also be changed as configured.