EZ-MES will offer you full traceability for all your production processes.

What is Traceability?

A good definition is given by ISO 9000:2000 3.5.4: The ability to trace the history, application or location of that which is under consideration. When considering product, traceability can relate to:

  • the origin of materials and parts,
  • the processing history, and
  • the distribution and location of the product after delivery.

Why do you want Traceability?

Whenever something goes wrong with one of your products, you would like to be able:

  • See how the product was created
  • Know exactly which procedures were use
  • The materials that went into it

You type the batch or serial number of the product into your production tracking system, and with a single click you get a full history report for this specific product.

This is knows as backward traceability or history tracking. Based on the information you get from the history of the product that has a problem, you can find the root cause of the problem. This could be one of the following:

  • A piece of equipment that was not calibrated
  • Material supplied by one of your vendors that had a problem
  • A glue that expired
  • An employee that was not correctly trained
  • A work instruction that was not properly updated

For each of these possible cases you would like to know which other products could be affected. This is known as forward traceability.

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