This example shows how to create a Flow that allows for sample parts to be tested on a separate Flow, while the balance awaits the sample parts test results.

Part Definition Configuration: Cartridge

  1. Part Definition Configuration: Cartridge
    1. Part Name: Catridge
    2. Discrete: True
    3. Virtual Parts / Custom Part States.  Also provides quick viewing of quantities from the PD itself on the States Tab.
      1. Sample Test
      2. Scrapped
      3. Untested

Flow Definition: Build Cartridge

  1. Flow Definition: Build Cartridge (includes pre-sample test and post processing)
    1. Step 1 (build: Make Parts)
    2. Step 2 (awaiting sample test)
      1. Split NV: Select Parts to reposition on Sample Test Flow.
        1. Configuration
          1. Flow Definition to change to: Sample Test Flow
          2. ‘Group by Lot’ allows for multiple part selections.
          3. Part Change State to ‘Sample Test’ to identify parts that have been sample tested.
      2. Signature NV: SignOff Sample Test NV Signature
        1. Configured as Required
        2. Allow Reject.  This will be filled out after the Sample Test has been completed.
      3. Event: Reject Lot - Monitors the Signature NV.  Only fires if Sample Test are Rejected.
        1. SignOff equals ‘Rejected’:
          1. Parts are repositioned to the ‘Reject Lot’ Flow.
        2. SignOff equals ‘Accepted’
          1. Operator will sign off the step for further processing.
          2. Trigger Configuration
            1. SampleTestTrigger
          3. Action Configuration
            1. SampleTestAction
          4. Optional Action
            1. Create a Pop-Up Action type that allows for a notification that the Parts are Being moved to a Scrap Flow.SampleTestActionPopUp

Flow Definition: Sample Test


  1. Flow Definition : Cartridge Sample Test (single Step Flow)
    1. Since this particular instance is a destructive test we will configure the ‘Part State when Done’ to be ‘Scrapped’
    2. Step 1 (Sample Test)
      1. Pulldown NV: Pass or Fail
      2. Event: Email Sample Test Results
        1. Trigger:  Email Sample Test Results - This Trigger will fire when the step is signed off.
                1.  SampleTestTriggerSampleResults
        2. Action: Email Sample Test Results
          1. Action Type: Email
          2. Email Template Should be created to display desired information
          3. SampleTestActionResultsEmail

Flow Definition: Reject Lot


  1. Flow Definition: Reject Lot
    1. This Flow is accepting parts that have been repositioned by the Reject Lot Event.