It can be desirable to schedule an Event on hand that will automatically reposition part(s) to a Hold flow once it reaches a certain step in it's manufacturing process.  This Event method will work on all Traveler(s) using this specific Flow Definition if the Event Record is assigned to the specific Traveler(s). Once the necessity for holding part(s) at the specified step is completed you can reposition the part(s) back to their original process flow step and then finish processing the part(s) for Finished Goods Inventory(FGI) status.

For example, in a 10 step process flow you may want to schedule that the part(s) or lot move forward through 5 steps, but then you want to put it on Hold before processing the final 5 steps.  We will show you how to achieve this by creating a simple Event that repositions the part(s) to a Hold flow Traveler and then schedule the future hold by adding the Event record to the Traveler.

Initial Reposition Event

Create Hold Event

Create an Event - We will create an Event Definition.  All Events have both Trigger(s) and Action(s) that will need to be configured.


Create Trigger 

Create a Trigger that will fire as soon as the part(s) enter the desired Step at which you want it put on the hold flow

The trigger has a variable NV referenced in the configuration that is located in the destination hold flow. This NV is a checkbox that is marked to indicate that the part(s) are now ready to be moved from Hold status back to the main process flow with WIP status.

Note: If this Checkbox NV is not implemented then the part(s) reposition back will bounce between the main process and the Hold flow.


Create Action

Create an Action that will Reposition the Traveler part(s) to the Hold flow.


Reposition Back Event

Create Reposition Event

Create an Event - We will create another Event Definition.  This Event is responsible for placing the part(s) back to it's originating Traveler once the Hold disposition is completed.


Create Trigger

Create a Trigger that will fire as soon as the part(s) 'Release' checkbox Name-Value is marked and the Traveler is signed off to put it back on it's original flow step.

Note: The Trigger will only fire if the following two conditions are fuflilled:

  1. 'Release Part' Check box NV is marked as true (see Figure below)
  2. Traveler is signed off


Create Action

Create an Action that will Reposition Back the part(s) to it's original process flow step.


Hold Step Traveler View



Schedule Future Hold of Part(s) on Traveler

EVR48x48Add FR48x48Hold

Now to complete the planned Part(s) on Hold for the Traveler we must add the Event Record to the specific Traveler by following the steps illustrated below:


The specific Traveler is now assigned the Event Record and is scheduled to put the part(s) on Hold when they reach the fifth step of the process flow. Alternatively if you require that all parts be repositioned onto the Hold flow then you can simply attach the Event to the fifth step of the process flow rather than individually assigning the Event to every Traveler.