This tutorial will walk you through configuration and implementation of printing a barcode label.

Label Configuration

Our first step will be to configure the label in the Zebra Designer.  Our label design will be simple and only consist of a barcode (code128).   Your label design/configuration is limited to the particular Zebra printer you have available.  The only requirement is that your printer is able to accept ZPL (Zebra Programming Language).

If you are placing variable type items into your label, i.e. Unique ID Barcodes, then it helps to just use the purposed 'Variable Name' as a place holder.  It will be modified deeper into the configuration.  Our example will be 'UID'. 


Print Label File

Now that your label is designed, you can print (save) the label file. 


After you select 'Print', you will then have another prompt.  Be sure to check 'Print to file' as indicated in the image below.


Save the file to a location that you will remember and can access immediately after.


Editing the PRN file

Now you will have to open the PRN file using a  text editor.  Since the barcode will need to contain the Unique ID (UID) of the part we are printing for we are going to make it a variable.  This is done by surrounding the text as such <%UID%>.  Now your UID becomes 'variable-ized' in the application.  

To modify this text in the editor, you will first have to locate it.  The upper section of the text file will consist mostly of graphic encoding.  Below is an image of what the demonstration label looks like in a text editor.  You can see the UID highlighted and edited to become a variable. 




Creating A Document

We will now import the PRN file we just created into the application.  First you must create a new Document Definition.  The upper half of the Document Defition should be as indicated in the picture below.

1. Assign the Document Definition Title, Doc Number, and Revision.

2. Choose 'Label' for the Document Type Pulldown

3. Create a new variable using a 'Pre-Defined' variable type.  Change the variable type by using the LVButton15x14Changeicon.  The 'Pre-Defined' variable should be a 'Current Part UID'.  Now, name the variable 'UID' and click the 'Add' icon LVButton15x14Add.



Now scroll toward the bottom section of the Document Definition, you will see the area in which you use to upload and attach the PRN file.

1. Choose the PRN file

2. Click the Upload button

You will now see the attachment appear in the listbox.  Move this Document Definition to active so that it will be available throughout the application.


Configuration of Step Definition

In order for the Traveler to display a print barcode button you must make a configuration change to the Step Definition.  Simply select the Part Label Format to use the new Document Definition.  Move the Step Definition to active.


Label Usage

Now when you implement this Step Definition into a Flow Definition and Travelers are created; you will see the 'Print Parts(s) Barcode' icon.  



Print Labels from the Part Record Form

Alternatively, you can have the 'Print Part Barcode' icon appear on the Part Record form.  To achieve this you would add the same Document Definition to the Part Definition.


This action will result in the displaying of the 'Print Part Barcode' icon appearing on the Part Record Form.