If you would like to use server side printing instead of the Zebra Java Applet there is an option to do so.  This is only an option if you are hosting EZ-MES on your own internal server.


Strings.xml Update

The first step is to modify your strings.xml file.  There are two values that need to be modified.


arPrinters - This value is an array of printer names.  Each printer will consist of the IP Address and Printer Share Name.  The IP address is the address of the server/client the printer is connected to, and where the device driver is installed, this is NOT the IP address of a possible network printer. A network printer needs to have been configured on a server/client with the device driver installed. The Printer Share Name is the name as how the printer is known at the server/client. Keep also in mind that there is a need to place 'escape characters' in from of the backslash located in the IP Address.  This means that in from of each natural backslash ( \ ), there must also be the escape character which is also a backslash ( \ ).  You can see this done in the screenshot above.

A natural IP Address would be "\\\PrinterShareName01", but the strings.xml file will be "\\\\\\PrinterShareName01".  You can list as many shared barcode printers as you would like, however, they must be comma seperated.  There are extra \'s needed for each nature \ due to the xml escape character sequence.

bServerSidePrint - This setting is a boolean. A "true" value will print using the server side method, and a "false" value will use the default Zebra Java Applet.


Barcode Document Configuration

Standard configuration should be used for configuring the Document Object for Barcode Template.  But there will be an additional attribute to configure if the strings.xml file contains a "true" bServerSidePrint value.


As shown in the above image, you must select the shared Network Printer that you want the barcode to be printed at.  The pulldown contains the values given within your strings.xml file.

This completes configuration.