Sometimes it is desirable that an operator can easily scan a QR barcode, for example that is printed at the back of his ID card, that enables direct login into the system.

Some of the benefits are:

  • Fast login
  • No need for keyboard
  • No need to remember the password

The solution to enable this is to make a URL that:

  1. Contains a link to your website
  2. Contains the user name
  3. Contains the passkey WITHOUT special characters

For example:

Where you need to replace:

  • with your own URL
  • john.doe with your username that is used to login
  • Kcnp8qbbSlFPwY1TM2dkWBau9FTefO3F4KYfi3NGr1NhvGhnUUYCug== with your own pass key without special characters like '+', '%', etc.

With this URL you make a QR code that can be used.

(There are website on the interet available that can convert such an URL to a QR code.)

The example URL above will look like this when converted to a QR code:


login qr code