There are eight options for the 'Flow Definition Type'.  The are listed below with details for each type.

  • Consume Part:

        This type of flow consumes parts and requires that Part Record(s) are selected in the first step

  • Make Change: 

        This flow type makes a change to the Part Record(s)

  • Make Equipment: 

        This flow definition makes equipment Part Record(s)

  • Mark Part: 

        For these Flows the Part Record(s) are created during the first step of the flow

  • Run Equipment: 

        This flow type runs equipment Part Record(s)

  • Use Change: 

        For this flow type it uses change Part Record(s)

  • Use Equipment: 

        This flow definition uses equipment Part Record(s)

  • Use Part: 

        This type of flow uses the Part Record(s)