If you have a Non-Discrete Parts in inventory and would like to convert these into Discrete Parts, there are a couple options.

"Convert" Via Consumption

If you are currently receiving many Part Records into inventory as Non-Discrete Part Records, it is possible to later track them on an individual basis.  This is achieved as follows:

  • Recieve Non-Discrete items into inventory
  • When the time comes, use a Make Part Flow that creates a Serialized Discrete Part Record.
  • Follow it by using Consumption Name-Value to consume the Discrete Part Record as a child into a serialized Discrete Part.

Configuration Sample




Make Discrete Wafer Step

Being that the Flow Definition is a Make Part Type, this first step will just be responsible for assigning a Unique Id to the Discrete Parts.




Consume Non-Discrete Wafer Step

Now that we have created Serialized Discrete Part Records we can now use this step to Consume the Non-Discrete Part(s).  You can specify the Quantity to consume if the amount is different than one.

Consumption NV Configuration



Configuration is completed


Convert Via Input / Output In Step Definition

You can also convert a Non-Discrete Part into a Discrete Part by using a Input/Output conversion on a Step Definition.  First you must have one of each, a Discrete Part Definition and a Non-Discrete Part Definition.  The Configuration will act as follows:

  • Recieve Non-Discrete items into inventory
  • When the time comes, use a Use Part Flow that will grab the Non-Discrete Part Record(s).
  • Follow it by using a Input/Output Conversion to convert the Discrete Part Record into a serialized Discrete Part.


Flow Definition Configuration

The Flow Definition type will be a 'Use Part' Flow.



Step Definitions in Flow

The following Step Definitions should be included in the Flow Definition.

  • Select Non-Discrete Wafers
  • IO Conversion to Discrete Part
  • Show IO Conversion ( This is just to show that the parts are converted.  Not really needed)



Input Output Conversion Step



Traveler Actions

Select Non-Discrete Wafers

This first step simply allows for the operator to select the Non-Discrete parts onto the Traveler.  If you have the Non-Discrete parts received by Lot#'s then the User can select appropriately.