While EZ-MES does not currently offer scheduling, it does have a Part Priority setting.  This setting will migrate to active Travelers as well.

  1. Open Part Record
  2. Advanced tab of Part Record
  3. Find Priority Attribute
  4. Enter Value (Numeric Only)
  5. Open Active Traveler Listbox
  6. Sort the Priority Column to view highest priority

  • Priority does not handle alpha characters
  • Priority will follow a Part after it completes a Traveler.
  • Priority value can be changed on the Part Record at any time.
  • 1 > 5 in terms of Priority.  The lowest number represents higher priority parts while a higher number represents a lower priority.
  • If two parts are on a Traveler wth different Priorities, Part 1 = 1, Part 2 = 5, the Traveler will assign the '1' priority because it is highest
  • You can reset a Part Record Priority at any time by simply changing the value.