This example illustrates how to configure the SPC check function to monitor multiple NVs of a process flow. In the event of a SPC violation the configuration is set to block the taveler from moving forward, to display a Popup message and to send an email to the supervisor. The example configured is a simple three step process with NVs to be monitored on Step 1 and Step 3:

Process Flow (Make Widget)

  • Step 1: 'Number Value Entry' NV to be monitored
  • Step 2: No SPC Check enabled
  • Step 3: 'Number' NV to be monitored

To configure the process flow for SPC Checking we first select our initial step in the flow and the NV to be monitored:


Next open the SPC Tab for the NV, enable the SPC Checker, Block Traveler Move and configure the SPC tests to be performed on the data:


Repeat the above procedure for the third step in the process flow 'Step 3'. Now we have enabled the SPC Checker to block the traveler from moving and to display a Popup message 'SPC Violation' in the event of any SPC failure. The next feature to configure is to send an email automatically to the supervisor.


Next we must create the trigger and the action before finally adding the trigger and action to the Event 'SPC Event'.


Move the new trigger 'SPC Event Trigger' to the Active state and we can add both our Trigger and Action to the Event. For this example I have already configured a SPC Failure Email Action, for more details on how to create Actions please use the useful links at the bottom of this page.


Now we have fully configured our SPC Event with a trigger and an action we can attach the Event to the Step Definitions that we wish to monitor using the SPC Check function.


Repeat the above procedure for Step 3 and the SPC Check function will monitor the two steps for any SPC violations as defined above.

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