During production parts that are consumed by another part may be faulty/damaged and have to be replaced.

The ability to handle the removal and replacement of part(s) must be integrated into the BOM Consume Part Name-Value. In this example I have already created two Flow Definitions called 'Disassembly Test Flow' and 'Repair Flow' and also configured a Part Definition with a BOM List of child parts. This example configures the Step Definition 'Assembly Test Step' to perform the Assembly and Disassembly of Parts using a BOM Consumption NV.

PR48x48Consumed Pick48x48PRConsumed Icon to show the disassemble action of a Part Record

The general approach to do this using EZ-MES is detailed below in the following text and figures:


For the NV's BOM Consumption specific parameters define the Flow Definition for Disassembly as illustrated below:


The BOM Consumption NV is now configured for the Part Record(s) assembly and disassembly on a Traveler. The assembly action consumes the Part Record(s) from Inventory and the disassembly action moves the selected Part Record(s) from the Traveler to a predefined Flow Definition called 'Repair Flow'.

Consume BOM List Parts in the Traveler

The Traveler consumes the BOM List Part Record(s) as illustrated below:


After the '+' button is clicked the BOM Consume Window appears where non-discrete Part Record(s) are automatically pulled from Inventory and discrete Part Record(s) are selected using the Part Grabber interface.


Note: After clicking the top '+' button to consume all non-discrete Part Record(s) automatically from inventory the '+' buttons left behind typically are the discrete Part Record(s) from the BOM list, but it can also indicate non-discrete Part Record(s) that are currently out of stock and need to be delivered/received before the Step can be completed.


BOM Pick List Report

Clicking the Pick List report button in the BOM Consume window produces a report where BOM Part List requested quantities and inventory RMI numbers are detailed as illustrated below:


Unconsume BOM Part(s) in the Traveler and Replace

To unconsume/disassemble Part Record(s) from the BOM Consumption NV we follow the steps as illustrated below:


Click OK to remove the Part Record(s) from the BOM and move to the predefined Flow Definition 'Repair Flow' or click Cancel to stop the removal/disassembly


After the Part Record(s) are removed/disassembled from the BOM, the BOM Consume window allows for selection of replacement Part Record(s) as illustrated below:


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