If you would like to create a custom Unique ID syntax for certain EZ-MES Objects you can do so by opening the Server Configuration Form.

Accessing Server Configuration Form


Take the following steps to open the Server Configuration Form.

  1. From the Desktop, Click the Application and User Settings Icon 
  2. Now click the Open User Management icon
  3. Use the Name Value Pairs tab and you will now be able to create custom ID's.


Configuration of Customized Unique ID

Once on the Name Value Pair tab, you will now be able to give a name to your new Custom ID.

The Customize ID pulldown will allow you to pick which ID you would like to customize.  Currently it is a limited set.


You can now create a custom Unique ID Syntax.  There is plenty of available reference regarding Custom Unique ID Syntax.  The particular example syntax below will result in a Literal string of TR, Two digit Year, followed by a set of 5 numbers containing leading zeros.  The number set will begin at 00001.  i.e. TR1100001



Post Configuration

After the configuration is completed for the above sample, all new Travelers will use the new Custom Unique ID Syntax.

Below you can see the new syntax on a newly created Traveler.