The EZ Report Viewer is an application that can be used as an offline viewer for Reports generated by EZ-MES.  It is also possible to use the application to view email attachments or files with the .ezReport extension.

Each time a report is viewed within EZ-MES, a report file is created and saved in the application local folder of the hosting server.  The EZ Report Viewer will download this file and make it viewable to the user.  It is important to remember that these reports are snapshots of that moment the report was generated, not viewed in the EZ Report Viewer.  This brings up the case that when viewed in the Report Viewer, there is a chance data can be outdated.


Installation and Source Code

Source Code is downloadable via our Repository.  A username and password is required to access this.  It is available by request only.  

Source Code Link

ClickOnce Installation is used to install the executable onto your computer. 

Installation Link


Application Settings

It is important to modify the Application Settings upon installation.  To do so, click File > Application Settings.  You will see the dialog shown below.

  • Application URL - This is the URL used to access the EZ-MES Application.  Report drawing scripts will be downloaded from this location.
  • Input Dir - When reports are drawn in EZ-MES, they are saved in the 'Upload' folder by default.  This Directory is located in the application root directory.  
  • Keep Last - Keeps a history of the latest reports drawn in the Report Viewer quick access pulldown.
  • Show Last - Keeps a history of the latest reports drawn in the Report Viewer HTML listbox.  You can click these link to immediately open the report in a browser.
  • Download Scripts - Download scripts allows for the application to download or re-download the Report drawing scripts.  This is usually automatic after the Application URL is filled out.
  • Force Download - You can force a re-download of the Report drawing scripts by checking this box followed by clicking the 'Download Scripts' button.  It is a good idea to do this when EZ-MES application updates have been done.


Application Execution

There are a number of methods to view offline reports.

  • Select report from the pulldown and hit the create report button
  • Search for a Part Record or Traveler ID from the search bar, then click it from the results listbox
  • Click on an item in the Opened Report history listbox.