After installation you can now configure the Android Application to connect to your EZ-MES Application.  From your Android device click the Menu button (this varies from device to device).  Its the key that will allow you to modify settings.

Once you open this settings/menu button you will have the configuration interface.

Configuration is quite simple.  It is suggested to import the file, by using the Android Application Import Web Service Settings to your device via email.  Once you have the import file saved to your device you can then use the import button.  This will populate the Username, Passkey, and Webservice URL automatically.  However you can still manually enter all the data. To do it manually follow the steps below:

  1. Enter the User Name used to log into the EZ-MES Application
  2. Enter the Pass Key associated with your User Name. This will be many characters!  That is why the import is suggested.
  3. Enter the Web Service URL.  example:
  4. Use the 'Test Web Service Settings' button.  This will notify you if everything is correct.

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