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The EZ MES Installer, is a tool used to install and update the EZ MES application.


How to use this Tool

Check For Updates

Later versions of the EZ-MES Updater should automatically check for application updates when launched. However, if you are coming from an older version this may not be the case.  So please check for updates at launch.


If the application is up to date, you will get a 'Good To Go' message box.  Otherwise, the application will confirm you wish to perform the update.

Update Required



Application Is Up To Date


Always make sure it is up to date.


Installing or Updating an Application


Select the version you want to update to and then start the update process by click the Update Button. Be sure you have the 4 options selected, in almost all casses you will want all 4 of these enabled.


Choose the Destination path by using the Browse Button. DestinationPath


Confirm the application settings are correct before proceeding.  All boxes should be checked for safety reasons, however, larger websites can take a long time to make the backup. updatesettings


You can now begin the Update or Install process.  Click the Button as shown in the screenshot.  After this, you can view the messagebox to see the current status.  StatusUpdate


Depending on the settings you selected earlier, the message box will display different messages.  The end result should be 'Done'.  StatusDone

You have now completed the Update or Install process.  Verify the application is online.  If not, use the toggle button to do so.OfflineOnlilneToggle

Update Install Settings Description

  • Put App Offline?
    • Will put the application offline before the update, should always be enabled.
  • Make Back-up?
    • This will make a backup of the current system prior to the update. The Backup is stored under "My Documents\EazyWorks\EZMES-Updater\WebSiteBackUp\"
  • Update Web.config?
    • Will update key settings to suggested values
  • Put App Online?
    • Puts the application back online.
    • During the update the Web.config is also copied for referance even if you do not perfrome the Full BackUp

Other Settings 


Application Info Form has a couple settings


Application Info Settings


  • Publish File Prefix
    • this should be set to "Mensa_R15", and will be removed from furture releases of this tool, you do not need to adjust or alter this at any time.
  • BackUp File Prefix
    • is the File prefix given to the WebSite backup ZIP file, default is "EZMES_BKU"
  • Temp File Path
    • this is the path used for the downloaded files the application needs to update EZMES, default is your windows Temp directory but it can be set to where you want this application to store the files used for the update process.
  • Keep [ 30 ] Days of Log files
    • the application makes a log when it is used to update a EZ-MES application and this setting will tell it how long to keep log files.

EZ-MES VDS2 Upgrade

We now have an improved Database structure. To use this new structure you will need to run the Migration tool built into the Updater tool. Depending on the size of the database as well as the speed of the PC the SQL server is on this could take hours to run. 

VDS2 Upgrade Process

  1. Make sure you are running a EZMES Application Version grater than 2312, if not update the application first, unchecking the put online option so that it stays offline.

  2. After verifying the Destination Path is correct, run the Migration Call from the Tools Menu "", this will step you through the process. Migration to VDS2

    1. Migration Process should be as follows

      1. Put App Offline

      2. Updates web.config to tell the application to use new table structure.Check if the DB has allready been migrated.

        1. adds this key or updates to true in web.config
        2. <add key="b_Use_EZMES_VDS_2" value="true"/>
      3.  Ask if you want to perfrom a backup firstIt will now Migrate the data.
        1. Back Up file will be saved here : "My Documents\EazyWorks\EZMES-Updater\DataBaseBackUp\"
      4. When it finishes it will ask you if it can Delete the Old Structure, go ahead and let it delete the old stuff, you have a full database backup done before the process if you need to roll back anything.

      5. You are done, application will be put back online