The EZ_DB Sync application is a replacement of the original EZ DB Loader app.  We have built this all-new from the ground up to with improved functionality and bug fixes.  It does rely on the same concept of using Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) calls to build a local database (Target Database) based on data in the Manufacturing Execution System (MES) system. The MES system can be hosted at another location provided it can be accessed via the internet.

The most notable difference is the addition of running this application as a windows service.  


Installation and Source Code

Source Code is downloadable via our Repository for qualified customers.  A username and password is required to access this.  It is available by request only.  

Source Code Link

ClickOnce Installation is used to install the executable onto your computer. 

Installation Link


Windows Service Settings

Upon launch of the application for the first time you will be prompted to 'Install Service'.  Click this button to begin configuration.

Application Settings Window

There are four main tabs that make up the entire configuration for EZ DB Sync.  They are outlined below.

Service Settings Configuration

  • Service Execution Loop (10 Mins) - Interval that this application will check for new data.  This interval starts after a complete sync has been made.
  • Thread Loop (10) - When batch sizes are used, this is the miliseconds value used in between each batch write.
  • Write Batch Size (10) - This value represents the amount of records that will be written between each batch size.


EZ MES Connection Settings

This tab allows for the connection to the EZ MES Application.


Database Settings

This Data Settings tab is for the connection to the new Target Database in which EZ-MES will be syncing to.

  • Server - Enter the Server Name Value
  • Authentication - Specify if you are using Windows or SQL Server Authentication (SQL Athentication is suggested).
  • Username / Password - Use this for SQL Server Authentication
  • Database Name - Give the target Database name here


Service Logs Settings


Service logs contain abbreviated sync data.  All errors, start/stop sync status will be logged.

  • Log Files Directory - Specify the Log File Directory
  • Keep Log files for Days - will delete log files older than this day number specified
  • Email - in case of errors, this email address will be notified.

Clicking OK

After configuration is complete, click the OK buton.  After confirmation that the settings have been saved.  Expect to see two prompts, the first prompt installs the Windows Service and the Second prompt will start running the service.

After this you will now have the application running as a Windows Service.

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