Manufacturing Operations consist of the following basic operations:
  • Physical Changing Parts
    • Assembly / Consumption (1 part consumes 1 or more other parts to create a new part)
    • Mixing (2 or more parts are combined to create a new part)
    • Dicing (splitting 1 part into multiple parts of the same type or of different types)
    • Disassemble Parts (Disassemble parts that were previously assembled)
  • No Physical Change
    • Test
    • Inspection
    • Serialize parts
  • Lot Operations
    • Combining parts in a Lot
    • Binning (E.g. based on a test result the part type changes)
  • Logistics
    • Receiving, Shipping and Scrapping Parts (Move into and out of the organization)
    • Picking parts from and moving parts to inventory
    • Placing part on Hold
    • Scrapping parts

This page will give a number of common manufacturing operations and will show different ways on how these operations can be implemented.