The NV Pulldown allows you to customize your own pulldown menus.  The pulldown customization controls the number and type of data entries available and prevents any data entry errors for the NV e.g. failure comments can be limited to a limited group of text entries so a Pareto chart can effectively monitor defects in the process

General NV Configuration

Editing Name Value Parameters in the any way you desire for the Traveler

  1. Name:  This is the label that the the operator will see for the pulldown entry on the Traveler.
  2. Value Type: Pulldown

Pulldown Specific Parameters

  1. Pulldown Display: You can insert a selectable display item for the pulldown menu here.  This value is not recorded by EZ-MES and is only displayed for the operator to make a selection
  2. Pulldown Value: This is the actual value that is recorded by EZ-MES.  You can duplicate the 'Display Value' or enter your own unique value e.g. '1', '2', '3', etc...
  3. Pulldown Tester/Selector: This pulldown allows you to test the design of your pulldown.  By testing your pulldown, you can also put it in a 'selected' mode in the case where you would like to delete an entry from the 'Pulldown Item Selected' textbox
  4. Pulldown Item Selected: This allows you to see the item selected from the 'Pulldown Tester/Selector'. Delete an item by clicking on the 'Subtract' icon that is located on the right hand side of the textbox

The figure below illustrate how to create a new Pulldown NV for a Step Definition:


Pulldown Tester/Selector & Pulldown Item Selected

The design for the example pulldown NV is to display failure codes F1, F2, F7 with corresponding text decribing the failure as listed below:

  • F1 - Contamination
    Pulldown Item Selected: 'Display:[F1] Value:[Contamination]'
  • F2 - Burr 
    Pulldown Item Selected: 'Display:[F2] Value:[Burr]'
  • F3 - Delamination 
    Pulldown Item Selected: 'Display:[F3] Value:[Delamination]'
  • F4 - Roughness 
    Pulldown Item Selected: 'Display:[F4] Value:[Roughness]'
  • F5 - Crack 
    Pulldown Item Selected: 'Display:[F5] Value:[Crack]'
  • F6 - Peeling 
    Pulldown Item Selected: 'Display:[F6] Value:[Peeling]'
  • F7 - Chip 
    Pulldown Item Selected: 'Display:[F7] Value:[Chip]'

Selected Pulldown values using the Pulldown Tester/Selector can be deleted from the Pulldown list by clicking the '-' button