The Sequencer NV allows for parts to be sequenced numerically.  The Sequence resets with each use.  Other than the basic parameters of an NV, Sequencer does not have any specific parameters to be configured.


This is what the Sequencer will look like this on the traveler.


Advanced Sequencer Configuration

In some cases it may be helpful to combine both the Sequencer and Unique ID Name Value.  The following example shows what occurs when the two are combined to form the over all Unique ID of the attached parts.

  1. Add the Sequencer NV to the Step Definition.  As stated previously, this NV does not consist of any specific parameters.
  2. Add the Unique ID NV to the same Step Definition.  Configure this NV as indicated in the image below.  Notice that the Sequencer NV is added as a variable and then used within the UID syntax.


The resulting Traveler will display the resulting NV's as seen in the image below.