Allows part(s) be taken off of the current Traveler by a Operator.  You can change the Part Record into another Part Definition Type, and also change the State of the Part Record.


Split Part Specific Parameters

Part To Change To

Configuration of what the Part Record will change into.  It can remain the same, or you may want it to become a different part.

Part State to Change To

There are currently nine Part Record States to choose from.  After the Split Part, the chosen Part Records can be set to one of the Part States below:

  • DEL (Deleted)
  • ORD (Ordered)
  • RMI (Raw Material Inventory)
  • WIP (Work in Progress)
  • Consumed
  • Hold
  • Scrapped
  • FGI (Finished Goods Inventory)
  • Shipped

Part States to see if Parts are in WIP, RMI, On Order, FGI, Consumed, Shipped

Block Part From Opening

After the Split Part is completed, the Part Record Form will open.  If you do not want this to occur, then make sure the check box is marked.

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