The MSWord Name Value allows a user to 'merge' data collection points into a MS Word Document.  A Document Record is then automatically created and attached to the Part Record.  The new Document Record is also visible in the Step Record.

Components used for execution

  • Uploaded MS Word Document.  
  • Must be configured as a MSWord Document Type.
  • A Category should be created and specified in the Document Definition.
  • Any Data Collection variables needed for the transfer to the Document Record should be created in the configuration of the Document Definition.

Specific Configuration For MSWord NV


Show Word Form

Displays a preview pane that displays the Document Record

Merge Word Docs

On the Traveler, the user is allowed to choose multiple Document Definitions.  The selected Documents will then be merged into a single Document Record.

MSWord Execution from a Traveler

Step 1. click the document generation icon


Step 2. select the document(s) to be used

Step 3. Generate the document record