The Sample Part Flow NV allows for a part(s) sample to be split from the current Traveler and then moved to a specified New Traveler.  You are also allowed to change the Part Definition of the Part while doing so.

It is important to note that the Sample Part Flow does not decrease the non-discrete quantity value that remains on the original Traveler.  This is the key difference between the Split NV and the Sample Part Flow NV.

Specific Configuration

There are a few configuration items specific for the Sample Part Flow Name Value



Flow Definition to change to

Choose the Flow Definition that the Part Record will be split off to.  The example above displays the Flow Definition being a 'Rework' type Flow.

Part to Change to

You can also change the Part Definition of your Part Record being split.  You may want to make a distinction between the parts being Split and those that are not.  The image above depicts the Split Part records changing to a 'Rework' Part Definition.

You may also leave the Part Record unchanged.

Make New Part (non-discrete only)

If the Part Record is defined as a Non-Discrete in the Part Definition, then you can configure the Split to make a new part.  This basically increments the number of part records.

Part Qty Limit

This limits the quantity of Part Records being placed onto the new Traveler.  A null entry will not limit the Part Records being Split.

Split Type

You can choose to either 'Group by Lot' or 'Group All'.

Group By Lot

Select 'Group By Lot' from the pulldown.  If you have multiple lots on a single Traveler, they will be split up and grouped onto a new Traveler based on their Lots.

Select nothing from the pulldown.  This will Split any part onto the new Traveler regardless of Lot ID(s).