• After making changes to the VS Project, you must commit your changes and publish the website in P:\_PublishQue\EJS
  • In the final published directory, you will want to delete the web.config and _App_Offline.htm file so that it does not get uploaded to their website folder during sync.
  • Be sure to take the EJS website offline.  To do this you must log onto the web server and rename the file M:\website\ejspecialties\_App_Offline.htm to M:\website\ejspecialties\App_Offline.htm. 
  • You can now Remote to ts.eazyworks.com and use FTP Voyager to sync the newly published data ( P:\_PublishQue\EJS ) with the data in the current website M:\websites\ejspecialties
  • The image below depicts what is TYPICALLY should be sync'd.  The files highlighted in YELLOW are typically the only files that should be deleted during sync.  The file highlighted in BLUE is being deleted because it is no longer needed due to the customer request. 
  • Files that are always removed from any syncing/deleting will be web.config and *App_Offline.htm


  • Any edits that were performed on the development web.config file will now need to be translated to the LIVE site web.config.  You must also edit the Version Key.  It should match the Rev of your last committed project data.  Change the RevDate key to reflect the current date.
  • After syncing is complete, you should now log into the website to see if everything is ok.  First you must replace the _underscore in the App_Offline.htm file.  Then log onto https://ejspecialties.eazyworks.com/login.aspx
  • If you can succesfully log in, then you are done!