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Sample Customer Badge Form:

    Contact Person: Carolyn Dowdy This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Creating a New Master Page

    1. Be sure to Update any committments that may have been done by somebody else.  Pending Changes/Update.
    2. Create a new masterpage.  File, New, File.  Select 'Master Page'.  Make sure 'Place code in seperate file' is checked.  Name the master page MasterPageCustomerFormname.master
    3. If there is a customer masterpage, copy over its contents to the new masterpage.
        • Add/Modify copyright notice
        • Modify the title tag, see example below.EJSedit01
        • Change the XXX-Header, XXX-Sidebar, and Footer images (Dependant on the situation).  See the image below as an example.EJSedit03
    4. From an existing VB file, With the exception of the Partial Class line, copy over all other content to the the new file.  
    5. At the bottom of the New Master Page, you will see the following code.  Change the FormSubmitXXX.js to the new name (FormSubmitCustomerFormname.js). EJSedit

    Creating a New FormSubmit JS File

    1. Create a new JS.  File, New, File.  Select 'JScript File'.  FormSubmit file: FormSubmitCustomerFormname.js
    2. If available, copy of the content from a similar (same customer) FormSubmit file.
    3. Replace the arItemsXXX_XX  with a new unique arItemsXXX_XX( a lot of times e.g. 75).  This should also edit the items in the following step.
    4. Now you have to edit the changes in the Option Array.  The changes are highlighted below.  See the BEFORE and AFTER images.EJSedit04BeforeEJSedit04
    5. Change out the MkFrmXXX function name and call (3 changes)

    FormSubmit.js Modifications

    1. If there is not any previous setting for the email log in, then you will have to make additions in the FormSubmit.js.  There will be several changes in function EmailSub(e) and in function SubmitEmail().
    2. Within function EmailSub(e): Add the lines as in the highlighed examples below.  An additional modification will need to be made to the 'trimming' of the email.  See the notes: /* Subtract the number of characters in the company email address including '@' and '.Com'.
      E.g. = 8 */
    3. Within function SubmitEmail(): Make changes similar to the previous step.

    Change the CSS file

    1. Add the header class in Layout.css.  Most of the time this is not needed because it can use the same class as an existing customer.  If you are adding new headers and/or badges, take care that the dimensions match those in the CSS file.
    2. #header-img, #spcorp-header-img, #gsk-header-img, #abbott-header-img, #wyeth-header-img
      width: 800px;
      height: 160px;
      margin: 0px auto 0px auto;
    3. #abbott-badges-img
      width: 800px;
      height: 2000px;
      margin: 0px auto 0px auto;

    Create New Web Form

    1. Create a new Web Form.  File, New, File.  Select 'Web Form'.  Make sure 'Place code in seperate file' is checked.  Name the Web Form Forms-Customer-Formname.aspx
    2. Copy out the contents of a similar form, use the same customer if you can.
    3. Paste the contents into the newly created file, but preserve the first line of code.
    4. If needed, change the divBadgeTable title.  EJS should have provided this information.EJSedit06
    5. Copy over the contents of the related VB file.  Again, preserve the top line of code.  No changes are needed in the contents copied over.

    Modify Web.Config

    Even though the following changes will be made to the web.config file on the development system, they will have to be repeated over to the LIVE system.  This is because the web.config file is not copied/sync'd over to the LIVE system.

    You will be adding the new Option Array Items that you placed in the FormSubmitXXX.js file.  See the sample of added items below.


    Change the Indus.js File

    1. Add the array (copy from the small JS file).
    • sXXX1opt (Centocor, Pfizer)
    1. Add section for popup (Badge Abbott NovaQuest), copy/paste of existing case statement
    • Change the name within the case statement
    • replace all arItemsXXX (13 Occurences)
    • Change the 'Abbott NovaQuest' in the first HTML line after the case statement.
    1. Add Section for Print Preview, copy/paste of existing case statement
    • Change the name within the case statement
    • Replace all arItemsXXX (13 occurences)
    1. Add additional Data Fields (optional)
    2. Add database name etc.
    3. Remove Credit card check
    4. Test the application by entering a new form. 
    5. Test the email page: forms.aspx