In the configuration of a process flow with Event Definitions attached one can configure an Event to have multiple Triggers. Multiple Triggers can be useful as it can greatly simplify the configuration procedure. In the following example we configure a Flow Definition with three Spec Definitions to move a part to a scrap flow if anything other than 'Die Pass' is scanned into the error code Name Value entry for each step:

Flow Definition: Standard Work Flow

  • Step 1: Start Part
  • Step 2: Test Part
  • Step 3: Complete Part

The Flow is configured to have the same attached Event on each step and all process flow Triggers attached to that same Event to cover every Trigger required by the process.

  • Event Item: Reposition Part for an Error Code
    • Trigger 1: Step 1 NV Monitor Calculated NV output is not the text value 'OK'
    • Trigger 2: Step 2 NV Monitor Calculated NV output is not the text value 'OK'
    • Trigger 3: Step 3 NV Monitor Calculated NV output is not the text value 'OK'

In the process flow one could configure three seperate Events with a Step Trigger for each Step in the process flow. The work required to configure this would increase proportionally as the number of steps in your process increases. A much simpler and more efficient approach if the resulting Action is the same for every  Step Definition, is to use the same Event for every Step and add all Triggers to the one Event.

To configure the Flow with one Event we first must create our Event: 'Reposition Part for an Error Code'


The Triggers and Action now must be configured for the Event. We configure the three different Triggers for the three Steps and then add them all to the single Event.


Repeat the procedure above for both Step 2 and Step 3.

Note: Always remember to surround variables by square brackets in your formula entries e.g. [NV]. Also be careful to select the correct Name Value from the correct Step for your formula variables. 

Now the three triggers linked to the monitor NVs of each of the Steps are all available to configure the Event.


Repeat the procedure above for the remaining two Step Triggers to add all three to the Event i.e. Step 2 NV Monitor Trigger and Step 3 NV Monitor Trigger.

Now we can configure the Action for the Event as detailed below:


Note: Multiple actions can be attributed to a single event e.g. the three actions below can all be implemented for just one event:

  1. Reposition part
  2. Send email to supervisor
  3. Pop up message 'Part will now be moved to scrap flow'

Finally add the Event to the three individual Step Definitions in the process flow:


Repeat for the remaining two steps in the process flow i.e. Step 2 and Step 3.


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