After a Traveler is Created the operator can start working. For the first step of a new traveler two situations can occur to get parts on a Traveler:

  1. The traveler Creates the Parts
  2. The traveler Grabs the Parts

In the first case the parts that will be created did no exist in the system, and need to be created. In the second case the parts do exist in the system and the operator has to pick existing parts.

The following will show the difference in the Traveler User interface.

Parts have to be Created

In case the parts have to be created, the operator will fill out the quantity and will press the Create button (the button with the big yellow star).

What to do if a wrong quantity is entered?

It can happen that the quantity that is entered is not correct. In case the parts is non-discrete, e.g. a single part record contains multiple parts that do not have to be tracked individually, the operator can correct the number by adding more parts, or substracting parts using negative numbers.

In case the parts are individually traceable, and too many parts are entered, the supervisor has to pull the parts from the traveler. The operator is not able to do this action. If the quantity is too low, additional parts can be added by repeating the same creation action.

Parts have to be Grabbed

In case the parts have to be grabbed, just click on the button in the upper right corner (see in the following figure. This will open the Part Grabber that can be used to select parts and add them to the traveler.

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