Any number of parts of a lot can be moved to a scrap traveler by using the reposition feature of EZ-MES. This reposition feature allows us to move any part or any fraction of lot to a new or an existing Traveler.

The reposition action can be configured to change the state of a part. In this specific case the Part Definition of JSI-OA741 has two different states:

  • WIP
  • Scrapped

Implementing a state change in the reposition action clearly illustrates the part in an inventory report as being scrapped. The following screen shots show how 2 parts from a Lot are moved to a scrap Traveler.

Open the Part Grabber and select the Flow, Part, Step and Traveler:


Select the parts, their quantity (If non-discrete) and press the execute button:


The original and the reposition traveler is illustrated below: