There are a number of ways that a Traveler can be created in EZ-MES.

  1. Create New Traveler from Desktop
  2. Create New Traveler from Inventory
  3. Create New Traveler from Work Order
  4. Creating a Traveler from a Part or Equipment Record
  5. Creating a Traveler from the Flow Definition Form
  6. New Traveler that are created due to routing options


Two Types of Travelers (after Creation)

Depending on which type of Flow Record you are using, mainly a 'Make Part' or 'Use Part' Traveler, you will either Create the new parts onto your Traveler, or Add Parts onto your Traveler.

Traveler that creates parts from scratch

Remember that using the Requested Quantity does not create actual Part Records on your Traveler.  This is merely a Request as the label suggests.  Once the Traveler is created you must then fill out the Quantity to Add and then click the ‘Create New Parts’ for the Traveler Part Records to be generated.

Traveler that pulls in existing parts

A Use Part FR will not create new Part Records onto your Traveler, but it will use(add) existing Part Records onto your Traveler.

You must click the Add Parts button to bring up the Part Selector Dialog.


After choosing the required Parts for your Traveler you will see them now added on your Traveler.