To successfull configure the TeeCard Report there are a few elements that should be set up.

  • Step Categories - Each Step that you wich to track in the TeeCard Report should contain a category.  This will group similar steps together under a single header, the Category Name: Add Category to an Object.
    • Sequence - Provides the desired sequence of Categories in the Report Display.
  • Lot Owner / User Color - When using these two attributes in conjuction, you can provide background colors for the various Lots in your TeeCard Report.  Once the Lot Owner is assigned to a User, the User Color is then applied to the Lot Background Color: Change Lot Owner
    •  User Color - This is used for the Background Color of the Lot displayed in the TeeCard Data Report:  User Color Values

With the above elements already setup you can now create your new Data Report with the TeeCard Type setting.

TeeCard Report Sample




Create a new Data Report Object.  Following this, you can now choose the different configuration options for your oOnClick Data Report.

  • Data Report Name: Parts In Flows - WIP
    • Provide a name for this Report Object
  • Data Report Number: DR14-000000003
    • You can autogenerate the Report Number or type in your own manually.
  • Revision: A
    • Provide the revision value for this Data Report
  • Description: This report will open a listbox that contains filtered Parts and Data Entry Values
    • Optional: Describe what this Data Report is doing.
  • Report Type: WIP
    • select which type of Report Type you will be using.
  • Report Defaults: false
    • This pulls values from 
  • JSON Input Object: Download Sample JSON TeeCard Sample
    • This JSON input value tells the TeeCard function what data is being grouped with various other settings.


Executing the Data Report Object

There are a number of ways to perform the Data Report Execution of the Data Report Object.